Pro 5 Quality Protection

Benefits of Pro 5 Quality Contractors

Peace of mind – at no cost to you
With Pro 5 Quality, you can call anytime you suspect that there might be an electrical problem, without the fear of being socked with a big bill to pay. In the event that there is an electrical problem, it can be corrected before it becomes major or catastrophe strikes.

Benefits of Using Pro 5 Quality Electrical Contractors

  • They are qualified, established professional businesses.
  • You save on any future service calls due to faulty wiring.
  • The resale value of your home increases.
  • Tells future home buyers that only the best workmanship and materials were used in constructing your home.
  • Pro 5 Quality homeowners can call anytime they suspect an electrical problem without fear of a big bill to pay; the problem will be promptly corrected.
  • Provides a qualified service network for reliable electrical installations.
  • The Pro 5 Quality  Homeowners Electrical Protection Plan is free and automatic when you select an authorized Pro 5 Quality Electrical Contractor.
  • Requires no additional paperwork or legal procedures. Simply hire a local Pro 5 Quality contractor and the rest is taken care of for you!

When you hire a Pro 5 Quality  contractor, you are guaranteed:

  • Quality workmanship and materials
  • Trained Pro 5 Quality certified electricians
  • Knowledge of the latest technology, materials, and installation methods
  • Five-year protection plan
  • Free estimates
  • Licensed & Insured